We also serve in English

Are you doing business in Finland? Are you starting a business or are you not happy with your current accountant? Solid Book is an accounting company, that serves small businesses with care and skill.

Starting a business in Finland is easy, but our rules might seem confusing at first. Solid Book has experience about consulting start-ups. As your accountant, we are responsilbe for basic accounting, tax return and filing VAT information. 

Is you're current accounant not being helpful? Are they charging extra money for extra work? Are they making too many mistakes? We at Solid Book love to help our customers with their questions. We answer fast and always pick up the phone. We have a fixed monthly rate which includes all work. Feel free to contact us.

Вы занимаетесь бизнесом в Финляндии?

Я финский бугхалтер и говорю на русском.

Быть предпринимателем в Финляндии может быть сложно. Регистрация компании, бугхалтерская работа, налоги, разные оплаты и.т.д. Мы вам поможем. Вы сможете сосредоточиться на своем бизнесе.